About Steve Rockman

For the last 20 years Steve Rockman has been a leading force in the Digital marketing space as an entrepreneur, strategist, creative and technologist. He has been successfully delivering revenue and bottom line profits in multiple industries. Strategic and conceptual thinker, excellent communicator and leader; highly skilled at managing multiple initiatives and motivating cross-functional teams. In-depth understanding of today’s advertising marketplace, including models, pricing, and sales trends. Experienced in producing and executing complex events. Proven track record of using both innovative and established marketing methods to increase sales. Expert at promotions, marketing plans, sponsorships, business development, client services and up-selling. Experience is not just with online marketing but maybe more importantly integrating online and offline programs. I have produced strategies and campaigns that include: Social Influence Programs, CRM, SEO/SEM, Community Building, Online Promotions & Sweepstake, Polling and Surveys, Online Research, Metrics and Analytics, Wireless & Mobile Marketing. Over the years I have developed 1 to 1 marketing solutions from front-end creative to back-end technology, usability testing, content development and integrated marketing campaigns and my clients bridge many vertical industries including: : Retail: Media and Entertainment: CPG: Technology: Financial Services: Others


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