Engaging The Social User Via Mobile

• Increase Your Likes and Comments – Find the evangelists. Marketers should focus on targeting the core of their community. Engage with your core audience to get better engagement.
• Text & Images – Mobile users are engaging mostly with text and image based posts. Don’t overcomplicate your mobile plans –
keep it simple.
• Be Engaging – Be conscious of the length of the post and try and keep the post length short and sweet. Remember that your community is engaging with your brand from a mobile device – shorter is better!
• Day & Time – Day & Time of posts are critical, then refine over time to build the best community. Understand that later in the week typically does the best, but test and learn within your community to find the best engagement days.
• The highest spike is at 3pm EST, which equates to noon/lunchtime PST
• 11am EST is also 8am PST, so we see a spike at 11am EST when west coast is coming online in the morning
• 8pm EST post and commenting spike accounts for post-dinner time and 5pm PST checking in before people leave work.
• Test – Test different posting times and gauge your community engagement.
• !!! – Be careful about overusing exclamation marks in posts. Keep emphasis based punctuation to a minimum. Your community is savvy and knows what messages are important, you don’t need to scream at them.
• Ensure your marketing strategy includes tactics for when both mobile and non-mobile engagement is highest. As an example, using an image post, as opposed to a text or video post, will garner better engagement from both non-mobile and mobile users on Saturday late at night, Sunday early morning or in the afternoon on both Saturday and Sunday.

Steve Rockman


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