2012 – Small Business To Go Mobile & Social

Ad-ology 2012 Small Business Marketing Forecast, one in five small businesses plan to invest more resources in mobile applications and advertising in 2012. As a result of their own experience with smartphones, the companies see mobile as a way to deliver a new ad message quickly. In 2009, only 2% of small businesses surveyed planned increased resources for mobile.

Only 10% will not use social media in 2012, down from 39% just two years ago. “Improving the customer experience” was ranked at the top of the social-media benefits list. In fact, the preferred way many consumers now communicate their concerns with a company is through social media.

I believe mobile and social will continue to impact the hospitality industry as restauranteurs and retailers will realize that the mobile user needs a much different experience than the desktop user. They will also learn that they must engage their target audience in dialogue when on Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Other findings from the study for 2012:

* 29% of small business owners plan to increase budgets for direct mail.

* Newspapers, with their new emphasis on digital, as well as broadcast TV, cable TV and radio are also expected to see increases.

* Nearly 25% plan to increase their budget for daily deals.

* 45% plan to increase their overall advertising spending in 2012, with just 4% percent planning a decrease.

Steve Rockman


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